8 specific differences between traditional and digital marketing, & which one makes a better choice!

8 specific differences between traditional and digital marketing, & which one makes a better choice!
Digital marketing or traditional marketing?Marketing is a strategy that has been followed for ages. Almost every business owner has chosen the path of marketing to bring transformation to their businesses. It was done in order to create, communicate, deliver and exchange offers that also have value for their customers and partners. And why not?Marketing is a dynamic and impactful process. It creates a huge impact on the business by providing awareness about the company, generating leads in order to accelerate the growth, and giving you sales support. Customers get to know about the brand. They start relating themselves to the brand. And sometimes also become die-hard fans. So why not market & create a brand.In the present scenario, marketing has reached all different levels and its scale has outstretched to a greater extent. Companies are now focusing on how they can reach prospective customers and can communicate their most unique message in the most unique fashion. The main goal remains to reach the target audience to generate more sales and build devoted customers. Hence, to fulfill the given criteria there are majorly two forms of marketing with differences easily distinguishable. Both forms of marketing are carried out to promote, advertise, sponsor, and publicize their business. Traditional marketing is the marketing that is done through conventional fashion using newspapers, televisions, radio, billboards, and magazines. In simpler words, it involves the marketing which is totally offline.
traditional marketing
A roadside billboard. Example of traditional marketing.
Traditional marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, but the most trusted one. The main objective of this type of marketing is to reach a wide range of target audiences.And the greatest competitor of traditional marketing is something that we all are definitely aware of. Digital Marketing, the word defining itself. It is the marketing that is done using digital channels such as websites and social media as tools for marketing communication. It involves the marketing of a company conducted online such as paid social media ads, email marketing, and PPC advertising. 
social media use in digital marketing
Facebook ad snippets. Example of digital marketing.
The companies make use of all the digital channels to reach the existing and potential customers. It is widely popular due to cultural and technological shifts. Further, the most important technology upon which digital marketing relies is ‘The Internet‘.The key difference in marketing is through which medium the audience receives the marketing message. The main marketing objective is to find the right balance between traditional and digital. In today’s world, both marketing forms play an important role in a marketing strategy, while it depends on the business to decide upon the ratio.

How digital marketing differs from traditional marketing?

The major difference between traditional and digital marketing lies in the different platforms that are used. Small differences also come to the surface due to the different platforms.  However before we dive into the differences, we should be clear that somewhere traditional marketing still holds its importance in present-day business. It would be easy to think that digital is the only & most important way of marketing. Given the unprecedented growth of internet usage, the presence of mobile devices all around, and everyone being present on at least one social media platform. And truth be said that no doubt it does. But traditional marketing holds the importance of its own. Traditional marketing is still used to keep the brand connected with people who are not online (and it’s still a significant percentage of the world population) or to create a new campaign for a product that is to be launched for hyperlocal mass. Traditional marketing strategies are decades old, and thoroughly tried & tested processes. And so still has the trust.Also different forms of marketing suit different type of businesses and their different needs. For example, say there is a new dentist in your town and hardly people know the exact location and its background. How will that clinic proceed with its marketing?Hyperlocal traditional marketing is a good way to go. This is because we know the fact that it wants to reach the local audience rather than reaching globally. The strategy will include hoardings in different areas of its locality, running TV ads on the local channels, and distributing templates. This combined will help in creating a local buzz. On the other hand, there’s a boutique that recently opened and is to deliver products PAN India & even internationally. Since their audience is distributed among a very large geographical area, choosing digital marketing is more cost-effective.The above-discussed examples are just clear examples to show the difference between these two types of marketing. In a more business effective sense, people are using a mix of both ways. Remaining popular among local customers and having a known brand face among far customers as well.The below-drawn table is to shows the clear difference between the two forms of marketing.  

Traditional marketing

Digital marketing

Form of marketing used to target digitally inaccessible people

Marketing way used to target digitally accessible people 

The conversion is slow

It’s comparatively fast

The engagement is medium, however, immeasurable

Engagement is more and measurable with tools

The expenses are more

Expenses are comparatively less

The reach is local

The reach is global

Communication is one-way

Communication is two-way

The results are somewhat delayed

The results are real-time and quick

The targets are standardized

The targets are customized



Marketing is essential for every business. It is because marketing helps in the two most important core objectives of business: to increase profits & to expand the business. So the question in end remains as to what form of marketing should the business choose?A mix of both traditional and digital. Currently, half of the world’s population can be found online while the other half is still to come. However, a potential customer can belong to any group. Thus marketing to both groups of people makes both sense and is a good strategy. We are sure you would have liked this blog if you have reached here. Make sure to check out our other blogs too. Also if you would like us to write about a particular topic, do leave your suggestion in the comments.   
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