Why does a former intern think internships are great for college students?

Why does a former intern think internships are great for college students?

Is internship an essential part of the college experience?

Internships are an essential part of any college experience. They give students valuable real-world experience that will prepare them for future careers. College life is a crucial point in our lives. At this stage, we prepare to enter a world that is unknown to us. After all, other than learning and growing, preparing for professional life is what I feel college should also be about. The lectures may teach you a lot of important lessons but that’s actually not full learning. You need theoretical knowledge paired with real-life experience. So when it comes to taking the first steps, industry experience proves to be beneficial. It gives an in-depth knowledge of that particular field. In today’s changing world and with a steep rise in skill-based professions, scoring high marks and securing a good position at a reputed company is not enough. One needs to blend in with the business environmentGood marks are one way to show your sincerity at work. It surely unlocks the doors to a better future. However for anyone to be able to survive the new world they just got into, there are things more important than just marks that count. Intern as a term was first used for medical practitioners in the year 1920. Soon, other governments and large organizations also started to adopt it as part of formal training. As of today, internships have become a normal norm of learning for college students. Internships offer the concept of working and the training needed so as to learn the operations and functioning of the field they intern in. Internships have proved to be greatly beneficial for students and graduates. By doing one, a student gains work experience along with a number of skills and much-needed exposure to the corporate world. It develops one’s personality over time. It patiently enables them to understand their field in detail,  helping them to choose their desired job title. 
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Why Internships are Important for College Students
Young professionals who plan to get the theoretical knowledge in a particular subject and follow it to get into a related industry, are often welcomed with an unpleasant surprise. Life is unpredictable and to be ready for any of the unpredictable consequences in the field in which one wants to step into, one must have a basic idea of how things work out in the same.However I must add that internships aren’t all about jobs or skills, one gets to learn a lot about oneself too. We get to know about our personal skills and abilities we never knew we possessed. Some abilities were likely to remain unknown till we actually get to experience the real world. The internship is an early step to discovering what and how much we actually are capable of doing. Life is too short to learn from what we are taught and from self-made mistakes. To succeed here one must also learn from the skills and the mistakes of others. Different people have different skills and abilities, meeting and watching them do their jobs efficiently helps a lot in learning the techniques and strategies one may apply in any given situation. Rightly said, a wise person learns from his mistakes, a wiser one learns from others’ mistakes but the wisest person of all learns from others’ successes. This could not be more true and for one to succeed in life, learning from one’s own mistakes is not enough. Going out, mixing with the crowd, and blending in is the best for one’s personal as well as professional growth. Therefore, I must conclude that staying in our comfort zones and keeping the rest to the rest will definitely not be enough to see the desired growth. One must come out of their comfort zones, challenge themself frequently and try to bring out the best in themselves. Internships offer a lot more than just job training and conveying this information to more and more young minds reading this is my way of parting my learnings from internships.
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