Marketing 101 : The Right Step For Your Business

This page could have been eliminated but we thought why not leave behind some basic marketing 101 lessons for our visitors.

Marketing 101

Organic Marketing

For business

Focuses on building brand trust
Long-period effort
Ex: Blogs, engaging creatives
Premium support
Advanced performance
Marketing 101

Paid Marketing

For business

Focuses on increasing sales
Short period effort
Ex: Paid ads, sponsored posts
Premium support
Advanced performance

Check below detailed information using the new comparison element:

Comparison Table
Traditional Marketing
Digital Marketing
Audience Reach

The number of people that can be informed.

Audience Accessibility

How much accessible is the marketing to all categories of people.

Communication Channels

How many different channels can be used to promote.

Availability Duration

How long will it take for the message to be available among the audience.

Slow Paced
Very Quick
Results Measurement

How much convenient is it to measure the results achieved.


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